These are my blognames for family and friends, i.e., my beloved cast of characters. 

De-code at will, per the following:

Sissy B = my younger sister, closest in age to me.  She’s married with two daughters and lives in Colorado.

Wee C = my youngest sister, seven years younger than me.  She’s married and lives in Southern California.

Bidie-in = my fiancé, who is from Scotland.  He’s still a bit mistified by my knitting obsession.

Squeezer = my step-daughter-to-be, also a knitter, who’s just launched her career as a teenager.

Renaldo = my step-son-to-be, off to college now, sending fabulous updates via text.

Meems = my step-mom, who makes my Dad a very happy man in Tennessee.

Dad = Dad, the one and only.

AJ = my mother’s sister, my beloved auntie, who lives in Arizona.

Penn = my other lovely and talented auntie, also in Arizona.

Maizy = my first niece, Sissy B’s daughter, who was born in 2005.

E-dot = Maizy’s little sister, who was born in 2007.

Lish = BFF, from the Midwest like me, but now in Northern California, like me.

Kimlee = my beautiful friend in Richmond, whose son Q received a Trapezoid Blanket from me.

Kymber = the big sister I never had, but now pretend I do.  She lives in Holland with J and their son, Little J.

J = Kymber’s husband, claimed as my brother-in-law, an Englishman…perhaps a bit of Welsh in the accent?

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