Looks like I’m having my own Knitapalooza this weekend.

Here’s where I am with my first socks ever:

Now I know it might not look like I’ve gotten very far, but I’ve learned a lot in these couple of inches. And I like the way it’s looking.  And feeling.  Love the texture!

I was inspired by Allison’s comment on my last post about her sock-making experience. I want these to be divine on my feet! And it’s good to know that the 2-circular-needle method is out there, if the double-pointed needles (dpn) don’t end up doing it for me. Although, ironically, once I stopped pouting about the scary pointing-in-every-direction dpns, I went back to using all 5 (instead of just 3), and I’m doing fine, with much less whining.

I’ll also want to try the 2-at-a-time Socks dealio, as outlined by Melissa Morgan-Oakes in the book I bought during vacation (when I was feeling justified in being quite good to myself). Haven’t cracked it open yet, but maybe I’ll try my Raindrop Lace socks using this method.

Yes, I’m resigned to the fact that I’m not going to get all of my Ravelympics projects done by the end of the closing ceremonies, which will end by 9AM my time tomorrow morning (if I’ve done my math correctly). But that’s OK – I’m totally OK with this. I’m into some good momentum now with my socks, and I’m glad for the new skills. If I can finish the first sock in the pair of Braided Cable and Broken Seed socks by the end of the weekend, I’ll be happy. The two FOs of the Olympics for me will remain the Little Girl’s Shrugs I made for the niecies, which I was soooo happy with.

Speaking of, Sissy B texted me this phone snap yesterday:

I just want to scoop them up.

I just want to scoop them up.










Honestly, is this not the cutest thing you ever did see?  I can’t imagine a happier place for those two little shrugs to be.

Back at ya after the last curtain of the Olympics.